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Developer (mostly front-end) from The Netherlands who focusus on writing clean and efficient code using the latest techniques. Big fan of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP.
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Dirk Groenen

<(mostly) frontend webdeveloper>
Recent posts and projects

The next level Mopidy music client

In 2013 I moved to a new place and one of the things I definitely wanted in my new apartment was something that would enable me to control my music anywhere in the place. Of course, the first thing I thought about was Sony’s Sonos, but looking at those prices and that awful interface I almost died. Lucky as I am I’ve chosen the road of being a developer. So why not just create my own system?!

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SVGMagic: Automated SVG fallback

When you’re working with responsive web designs and retina-displays SVG graphics are absolutely indispensable. However, fall-back solutions often put you on a lot of extra work. With SVGmagic I wanted to create a plugin that does all the fallback work, so I could just focus on the SVG images.

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